GigClean consists of talented people who helped make her what she is today..

Tim Atimoe, MDCEO


Founder CEO Gigstrong Ventures.

Tim is a seasoned professional in Facility Management, Proactive, positive, optimistic and goal oriented. Excellence remains the flag on which the ethos of his professionalism flies. A good team player and tries to attract as many innovative and young like minds to work with him. He esteems customers and clients next to staff. He operates a ‘no blame’ policy in his company, rather a “what’ is the solution” policy. An ardent reader who also wants to learn and pick lessons from every event. A writer, speaker and singer. Tim serves as a director for two different companies. His impeccability and depth for details makes his performance reared to international standard, coupled with both his depth of experience in the field, trainings and proficiencies acquired.



Quality Analyst 

Eben come with massive experienc. – Bsc Ind Chem, Msc Analytical Chemistry and other certificates from The Human health and Global Environmental Changes and Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria(ISPON).

Glory Oluwasona

Glory Oluwasona

Based in South Africa and Heads the Sales and Customer Relations Service Department of Gigclean South Africa. Glory is a motivated and creative individual with close to two decades of experience in sales and customer relations within the serviced based companies like Gigclean. A professional and excellent in closing deals. Strong customer service skills with confident communications with clients. Amongst other qualities, she has high level attention to quality. Very initiative, proactive and good team player

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