GigClean Services

We make buildings, homes and their facilities, smarter, greener, safer, and better run.

We offer any or all of the following services, please see individual links for more information.

GigClean offers multiple fumigation and pest control services for a wide variety of needs. We tailor our fumigation and pest control services to meet the needs of our clients business by minimizing downtime in chemical process thereby ensuring minimal disruption to activities and business programs. We maintain a robust health and safety policy with selected chemicals that are biodegradable and technologies capable of reducing emission by over 50%.

This creates a safer and healthier environment for both our clients and workers as their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals is drastically reduced.

In order to determine what type of fumigation and pest control measures is suitable, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is first carried out. Our EIA is a concise environmental engineering analytical survey of the work-site with the following scope of analysis

  • Stripping and sealing of various floor surfaces
  • Pre-occupation cleans
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Preparation and restoration of floor surfaces
  • Building exterior cleaning
  • Flood or fire damages
  • Deep cleaning of ablutions
  • Window cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Spring clean offices, factories, houses
  • Steam cleaning of carpets and upholstered

This is obtainable in places or Establishments such as

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Government  offices
  • Industrial premises
  • Schools
  • Nursing homes
  • Shopping centers
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Estates

This involves the supply of products such as

  • Towel dispensers and hand dryers
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Soap dispensers
  • Sanitary bins
  • Air fresheners and sanitizers
  • Consumables toilet requests(paper towels, toilet rolls, liquid hand soap)

Facilities Management (FM) involves guiding and managing the operations and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure on behalf of property owners. It is no new news that FM is an age-old practice which has existed out of necessity since buildings were first constructed to support human activities.

As an increasing number of multi-unit residential buildings have been developed over recent decades, the demand for facilities management has also grown accordingly. Today’s Facilities Managers require a broad and diverse skill set, much more in line with management and business services than the building trade oriented services of those who once dominated the industry.



  • to effectively deal with mechanical and electrical issues with best practices
  • to eradicate in all its forms, fears and concerns from tenants and property owners and to serve as intermediary between both parties
  • to identify areas of potential threat to properties and address them
  • to promote environmental health guaranteeing a physical and healthy naval force to render world class deliverables with competitive price
  • Heat exchanger
  • Halide gas detector
  • Vapour canister
  • Sprayers
  • Circulation fan
  • Respirator
  • Laminated paper
  • Convey van
  • Gas mask
  • Tarpaulin
  • Fogger
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Scrubber
  • Squeegee


Our top notch equipment set us ahead in delivering quality fumigation and pest control service and Cleaning services. We have an outstanding fleet of both in-door and out-door equipment capable of working in all weather conditions thus enabling us to serve our clients all year round.


We maintain robust cleaning technologies that are biodegradable capable of reducing emissions by 50-70% or more. This creates a safer and healthier environment for both our clients and workers as their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals is drastically reduced.